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*Financial Support*

Each quarter a charitable organization is featured in the Sowing Circle and receives a percentage of Medicinary sales and contributions collected in the WellSpring office and Studio.  Besides this financial support, we strive to create awareness of the wonderful programs that surround us - the good news, the helping people, the community spirit.  In our world of seemingly endless bad news, negativity and fear, we can be uplifted by the ingenuity, efforts and generosity of others and, hopefully be inspired to join them ourselves.

The intention of our Sowing Circle is to promote health and wellbeing in the world.  We believe being part of our larger community is vital to our own health and the health of the world.  The health of the world, then, impacts our own wellbeing.  Truly, as we sow do we reap and service to others is a great healer.

Currently in the Sowing Circle - 1st quarter 2014

Emergency Circus

Emergency Circus brings healing to many in need through inspiration, laughter, acceptance and love.  Affiliated with Gesundheit! Institute and Patch Adams, they bring their compassionate clowning and other acts to hospitals, prisons, shelters - places in great need of playfulness, joyfulness and love.  They are working on putting together a U. S. tour later this year.  While Michigan isn't on their route this time, we believe in their mission and hope they have a blast!  Read more about them here:  Emergency Circus