Joyful Loving Workshop

Joyful Loving Workshop

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After  my incredible experience at the Gesundheit! Institute in August, I knew that I had to share the message when I got back to Michigan.  Patch Adams, MD and his compassionate clowning colleagues from around the world bring so much love to the world!  They bring it because they ARE it.  Starting from the solid core of loving self, they move through their day and their world radiating love, compassion and kindness.

The Joyful Loving Workshop presents exercises, conversations and creative opportunities to cultivate this love in your day.  And once it's in your day, you will want it in your tomorrow too!

We will move our bodies and our hearts, laugh with belly and eyes, talk with ourselves and each other about love and dreams and create a day-version of my West Virginia week experience.

Call 989-633-0025 to register before October 25.  A minimum number of participants is required, so please sign up early so we know the class will run.  $80 includes lunch, supplies and hugs!