Mind-Body Medicine can Change your Life!

Mind-Body Medicine can Change your Life!

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What amazing connections are being made every day in understanding the IMMENSE power of our mind to impact our physical health and our overall wellbeing!!!  It simply cannot be overstated that what we think has everything to do with how our life unfolds in front of us.

Yes, it has to do with stress management.  Yes, it can lower blood pressure.  But it is ever so much more than that!  Understanding how you physically work and what actions you can take to influence that work can change every part of your life - your physical, mental and emotional health and then every other thing that is at all influenced by that health!  Which, I believe, would be everything!

Join us in this 4-week exploration of some of the latest work in Mind-Body Medicine.  We'll review the work of experts in the field.  We'll watch some video, do some exercises, discuss some books.  You will be challenged to think about some things in a different way.  You'll be in a safe place to explore some old thoughts and some new ones.  You will leave with some tools to promote the Relaxation Response and impact your physical health every day, as well as resources that might just change your life forever!

Wednesdays, January 15, 22, 29 and February 4.  Afternoons 1-3pm or evenings 7-9pm.  Call the WellSpring office to register - 989-633-0025.  $60 includes all materials.