Side by Side – Lessons from Ecuador #2

Side by Side – Lessons from Ecuador #2

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Standing on the equator, a foot in each hemisphere, I heard a presentation that changed my perspective about the world in an instant!  It still gives me a thrill to think of it and I'm excited to share it with you.

A representative from an organization called Quitsato held a globe up and asked us to recognize first that the way we always see the globe, with north at the top, is just one way to look at it.  He then gave a little etymology (word origins) lesson.  Many moons ago, people used East as their orientation direction because that's where the sun comes up.  Every day.  Without fail.  It was something that could be absolutely counted on.  In fact, the word orient means, where the sun rises!  Check it out here!  So he asked us to imagine that as we looked at the globe, we had East in front of us instead of north.  He turned the globe 90 degrees - like the picture above.  And here comes the cool part!  Look what happens to the equator from this direction.

See it?  Rather than dividing the world into top/bottom, above/below, over/under - it divides the world into side by side!  That was a huge shift for me!  The potentially negative connotations of the over/under, above/below comparisons just faded away, as the image of the world standing side by side leaped into the foreground.  I immediately, and still, LOVE that thought.  Of course, those original peoples facing East didn't have the equator separating us at all.  They just knew what and where their true constant came up each day.

With this new perspective percolating in my brain, it later occurred to me that this was just like our brains!  Two hemispheres, side by side.  Each made of the same stuff, but with very different functions.  They communicate through the corpus collosum and work together to move our human selves forward.  Imagine the world doing that!  The world, side by side.  Made of the same stuff, but with different strengths, skills and gifts.  What if the world would communicate and work together to move humanity forward?  THAT is how I am envisioning the world from now on.  How about you?