Yoga at WellSpring Studio

Yoga is a wonderful addition to a healthy routine and lifestyle.  The physical benefits are well known, varied and profound.  It is also great for mental health, easing stress and enhancing relaxation.  Yoga means "union" and has the ability to connect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our lives.  People come to yoga for a variety of reasons and all will find a benefit there.

A variety of yoga classes are offered at the Studio that meet a wide range of physical needs and fitness levels.

Unless otherwise noted, you may drop in to all regularly scheduled yoga classes without pre-registration.  The drop-in cost is $10. 

Discounted multi-pass punch cards are available from each teacher.

 Which Yoga Class is Right for Me?

If you are new to yoga, we understand this is an important question.  First, we ask a question back!  What are you hoping to get out of a yoga class?  Knowing your goal will help you decide.  If you aren't sure, or have multiple goals, consider trying out a number of classes and teachers and find out which one(s) best meet your need.  Many people attend more than one class to get multiple benefits.

General Guidelines

* All our classes integrate Body, Mind and Spirit and can help with stress management.

* All are instructional and can be modified for beginners.  Remember that in any class anywhere, you should feel comfortable respecting your body's limitations!

* All classes end with a time of relaxation to help integrate the experience.

* Click on any class from our calendar to see detailed class descriptions.

IF YOU:   Have physical limitations that keep you from getting to the floor,

CONSIDER:   Chair Yoga

IF YOU:   Have a history of injury and/or are looking to repattern muscle & connection tissue,

CONSIDER:   Any Yin Yoga Class

IF YOU:   Want a more energetic practice (even for beginners),

CONSIDER:   A Hatha, Iyengar or Morning Flow Class

IF YOU:   Want a gentler experience (but still work!),

CONSIDER:   Gentle Yoga, Yin/Gentle Mix Class

IF YOU:   Are an active 50+,

CONSIDER:   Senior Yoga

IF YOU:   Want a quieter, passive practice,

CONSIDER:   Any Yin Class


Class Descriptions

Iyengar Yoga Flow w/Rebecca

This class begins your Monday morning with an energizing flow of sun salutations (Surya Namaskar). Our practice continues with instruction on standing and seated poses, inversions and backbends, with an emphasis on physical alignment and posture. Each class is unique and progressive: learning new technique, refining skills and increasing body awareness. Students are encouraged to progress at their own rate and alternative poses are offered for varying skills and abilities. Some benefits of yoga include increased strength, flexibility, balance, a calm mind and better concentration. A transformation that begins with body awareness, leads to balance and union of body, mind and soul.

Gentle Yoga w/ Rebecca

Slower paced yoga class to improve flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.  This gentle, but beneficial class is suitable for all ages and abilities.  No experience necessary.  Poses are taught using modifications and props to accommodate those of us whose body is stiff with arthritis, age, or past injury.

Core Yoga w/Tracy

Join Tracy in a class focused on strengthening muscles primarily from the navel to the hips.  This class is physically challenging and practiced close to the ground on the belly, back, and hands and knees.  A stronger core is great for stability - physically, mentally, emotionally.

Whole Body Yin w/ Tracy

This therapeutic class is great for anyone wanting to balance their hectic or physically demanding lifestyle.  It will offer recovery for the mind, body and spirit.  This deep practice is gentle, yet intense.  We will use long held floor poses targeting the dense connective tissues of the body.

Iyengar Yoga Level 1 w/Rebecca

Appropriate for beginners, but all are welcome. Rebecca's class offers basic instruction on standing and seated poses, inversions and backbends, with an emphasis on physical alignment and posture. Your skill and abilities will develop through a safe progression of poses within each unique class. Individual correction, adjustment, and modification of poses will be provided. Some benefits of yoga include increased strength, flexibility, balance, a calm mind and better concentration. A transformation that begins with body awareness, leads to balance and union of body, mind and soul.

Morning Flow w/Akiko

Join Akiko to increase flexibility, balance, strength and endurance with this creative slow flowing sequence (postures) class. Modifications and instructions with proper alignment will be given throughout the practice. Come and practice mindful awareness with this fun Morning Flow.

Vinyasa Flow w/ Peggy

In this class, we synchronize breath to movement, break down poses as needed to learn them completely, move through basic flow sequences (like Sun Salutations), and build strength and flexibility. All poses will be incorporated over time:  standing, seated, balance, inversions, backbends and we will use props as required to assist with proper foundation and healthy alignment for all levels of students.   All classes will incorporate the practice of connecting our Mind (breathing and meditation), Body (physical asana/poses) and Spirit (re-energizing your body)!   This class is suitable for all levels!

Prenatal Yoga w/Laura
Prenatal yoga is tailored to help strengthen pelvic muscles,  improve circulation, aid in digestion, reduce spinal fatigue, and minimizes low back pain and sciatica.  The mindful movement and meditative breathing learned from prenatal yoga will prepare each new mother for the physical and nurturing aspects of labor, birth, and ultimately motherhood.
Yin/Gentle Mix Yoga w/Akiko

The class starts with gentle yang practice (slow movement) then leads into quiet yet intense long held floor poses (yin practice). We practice each pose as is appropriate for each person's body in a respectful manner. Practice of both yin and yang complement each other, helping to bring balance to our bodies and our lives. Slow down, stretch deeply and relax into this therapeutic practice.

Iyengar w/ Louise

Basic yoga poses for beginners and continuing students, who seek improved body alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility; taught in the tradition of internationally renowned yoga guru, B.K.S. Iyengar.

Iyengar Yoga Level 1-2 w/Rebecca

Appropriate for continuing beginners through intermediate students. Instruction will focus on refining technique and gaining a deeper understanding of foundational poses. A greater variety of poses will be introduced. Headstand and shoulder stand are practiced regularly. Alternative poses are offered so each student can progress at their own rate. Transformation continues as you further explore Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga.

Chair Yoga w/ Wilma

Using chairs for props, this class offers many benefits of regular yoga by encouraging proper breathing and posture, while developing better flexibility and balance.  Don't give up on yoga because you can't get down to the floor -- join this enthusiastic group and experience the joy of practicing with others whose knees, hips, backs, and shoulders aren't "what they used to be".

Gentle Yoga w/ Wilma

Refresh, renew, and enjoy.   Give your body the break it needs with yoga's proper breathing, mindful movement, and relaxation.   Be inspired to offer your best effort the rest of your day.

Senior Yoga w/ Wilma

Join this group of active seniors who practice yoga to increase stamina, lower blood pressure, improve balance and flexibility and to promote overall good health.    Props are available when needed (chairs, blocks, straps, blankets, pillows).  You are encouraged to work at your own pace, always listening to the message of your body.

We Also Offer

Stott Pilates w/ Betsy

Betsy's STOTT Pilates mat class is a system of body conditioning exercises that strengthens the core and brings a mind-body connection to your workout. The goal of STOTT Pilates training is to develop optimal neuromuscular performance by focusing on core stability while safely balancing muscle strength and flexibility.  This class will focus on the quality of exercise by incorporating the 5 principles of Pilates- breath, pelvic position, rib position, scapular position and cervical position-into each movement.  Each class will be designed to move and strengthen the spine in each plane of movement.  Expect to leave each class feeling stronger, walking taller and moving with increased precision and control.  This class is open to all ages and abilities.  You must be able to get up and down from a floor mat.