The Power of Plant Medicine

The Power of Plant Medicine

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Humans and plants grew up together, shaped and nurtured each other, were great companions on life's journey.  While plants still play an important role in our lives, most of us have a much more distant relationship with them today.  We don't think about our blue jeans or  our bath towels as plants, yet that's where they started.  Even with our food, we often rush through the opening of cans and freezer bags and boxes without considering that these tomatoes, peas, strawberries and rice used to be in the dirt somewhere!

And plants were, of course, our first medicine.  Many pharmaceutical medicines are fashioned after a component of a plant that showed some therapeutic use.  These medicines are useful in their place.  But the plants still have much to offer in their own way.  Coming to know and understand the characteristics of any medicinal herb can be a great joy and a great journey.  It's simple and fun.  It is multi-sensory as we touch, smell, taste and see the plant - and maybe even hear it too, if we listen!  It can take an afternoon, a growing season or your whole life.  Getting to know plants, growing them, living with them, sitting with them, can be as therapeutic as preparing one as a tea or tincture.

Our January 25 afternoon is the perfect opportunity to take a step into the world of plant medicine.  The documentary, Numen, is a wonderful introduction.  You can watch the trailer here:  Numen.  We'll talk about it and then set to work (play!) learning how to make your own medicines - and DOING it!  You'll have a variety to take home, along with recipes and hints for continuing the exploration on your own.

Details:   $30 covers all materials and your take home goodies!

Registration is required by JANUARY 15.  Call 989-633-0025 to reserve your space.